University of Rome "Tor Vergata"
Department of Economics and Finance

in cooperation with

Unione Nazionale Consumatori


Centre for Decision Research, Leeds University


Research project

"Consumers' Financial Literacy"


Fill the questionnaire
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Who is conducting the survey?

The University of Rome "Tor Vergata" (Department of Economics and Finance) and the leading Italian consumer interest organization "Unione Nazionale Consumatori" are conducting a research project studying the knowledge, abilities and financial behaviours of the Italian and UK consumers. The Centre for Decision Research at Leeds University is responsible for the UK survey.

What is the aim of this survey?

We want to find out what people know and understand about financial matters that are important in everyday life these days. Our findings will help us to assess people’s financial knowledge and understanding, which is an important first step towards supporting people in their financial decision making. Answers to these questions will help us study the relationship between financial literacy and financial behaviours.

What will I be asked to do?

We will ask questions about financial matters such as savings and investment, mortgages and other forms of borrowing, interest rates, pensions, and the type of products and services that you yourself have. You are invited to complete a questionnaire containing 101 questions, of which half are quiz-type multiple choice questions while others are about you (e.g., age, gender, job, etc.) and your financial behaviour (e.g., how frequently you use credit cards).
The questionnaire is not an exam or a competition and the aim of the study is to assess how much people know about finance. So we encourage respondents to choose the "Do not know" option each time they are not confident about an answer.

The estimated time to fill the whole questionnaire is around 25 minutes.

You can stop the survey at any time.
Please note: payment will only be received for submitting fully complete surveys.


Will my taking part in this survey be kept confidential?

Data collection is completely anonymous and data will be analysed by the research team exclusively for research purposes. We will not ask for your name or address. 

Who can be part of the study

All the people that live in the UK (UK citizens or foreigners) who are at least 18 years old and agree to provide their data are invited to support the research project by filling in the questionnaire.


Why should you join?

Helping and supporting the research study by giving a few minutes of your time will help to support the effectiveness of consumer protection and contribute to the welfare of the whole community.

To know yourself
We know that your time is precious, so in order to show you our gratitude we will help you to become aware of your financial abilities by giving you either a summary or a detailed report of your knowledge and skills in finance, as measured by our research model.


Please contact the researcher below if you still have any questions

Rob Ranyard

Centre for Decision Research

Leeds University Business School

1.22, Maurice Key Worth Building

Leeds LS2 9JT




This survey is for UK residents that are at least 18 years old.

Are you a UK resident at least 18 years old?